Mongolian Gobi and Beejing tour

Code: Mongolia Tours
12 Days


Day 1


Upon arrival at the Chinggis Khaan Airport in Ulaanbaatar, you will be met by your guide and transferred to your hotel in downtown. 

Day 2


Half Day City Tour. In the evening we will enjoy an impressive performance of traditional music and dance at 6 pm. The spectacular sounds of hoomii (throat singing) accompanied by the cherished two-string horse-headed fiddle or Morin khuur will be imprinted on your memory forever Dinner will be in one of the best restaurants in the city. 

Day 3


Today we will fly to Dalanzadgad - the center of the South Gobi Aimag (Province). The flight takes one and a half hours. Upon arrival, our local driver will meet you at the airport and you'll drive to Bayanzag or Flaming Cliff - the world-renowned site for its findings of dinosaur bones and eggs discovered by the American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews in 1920s and displayed in Ulaanbaatar Museum of Natural History or in other museums around the world. Even if you are not crazy about dinosaurs, the supernatural beauty of the surrounding landscape is a good reason to visit. It is a beautiful combination of rocks, red sand and scrubs, sun and awesome emptiness. Bayanzag, as its name suggests, is strewn with saxaul trees. The huge forest of zag or saxaul tree once covered the area is retained today. Dinner and overnight stay in a Ger Camp. 

Day 4


After breakfast, we will drive Khongor Sand Dunes. You can climb to the top of the dunes to have wonderful views of the desert and then slide back down if you have plastic bags handy. The sound produced by the masses of moving sand can be heard from as far as the sound of an airplane. Hence the sand is called Duut Mankhan or the Singing Dunes. The color of the sand dunes is magic. Overnight stay in a tourist ger camp

Day 5


After Lunch, we will drive back to the east (210 km) to the Yolyn Am (Lammergeyer Valley) - famous for its breathtaking beauty and astonishing unusual scenery, thick ice in the middle of the Gobi Desert that exists for most of the year. We will check in a Ger Camp near the mountain and after lunch, a short trip will take you to the entrance of the Gurvan Saikhan National Park where we will visit a small museum of nature where you will see a collection of dinosaur eggs and bones, stuffed birds and animals of the Gobi. From the museum, the road continues another 10 km to a parking area where a pleasant half-an-hour walk starts along the stream to a gorge full of ice that remains frozen until late July. The surrounding mountains are home to ibex, argali sheep, and many birds of prey including the ossifrage or lammergeyer after which the valley is named, as well as numerous rodents particular to the Gobi. Keep your binocular handy. Dinner will be served at the Ger Camp where you'll stay overnight. 

Day 6


After breakfast, we fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Arrival at the Chinggis Khaan airport in Ulaanbaatar transfer you to the hotel. Upon arrival in go shopping and pick up some cashmere, souvenirs and other excellent products that will remind you Mongolia back home. 

Day 7


The journey will take you To Beijing. 


Day 8


Arrive at Beijing train station met and transferred to your hotel. Free at leisure for the rest of the day. 

Day 9


Visit the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. After the tour, we will enjoy a delicious Peking duck in a restaurant. 
- The Great Wall: One of the seven wonders in the world and the symbol of China (60 miles away from downtown, about one and half hour's drive). 
Visit scenic spots: Badaling Great Wall, Badaling fortress, beacon-towers, " looking-toward Beijing stone", etc. 
- The Summer Palace: The largest and best-preserved royal garden in China with a history of over 800 years. 
Visit scenic spots: 1. East palace gate, 2. the hall of benevolence and longevity, 3. hall of jade billows, 4. the hall of joyful longevity, 5. the covered walkway, 6. the marble boat, etc. 

Day 10


Full day trip to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City. Transfer from hotel to airport, see off. 
- Tiananmen Square: The largest city square in the world. 
- The Forbidden City: The largest imperial palace in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties with a history of around 600 years. 
Visit scenic spots: 1. The hall and the courtyard of supreme harmony, 2. The meridian gate, 3. the hall of supreme harmony, 4. the hall of complete harmony, 5. the hall of preserving harmony, 6. the huge of stone carving, 7. the hall of the union, 8. the palace of earthly tranquility, 9. the imperial garden, etc. 

Day 11


Free day.

Day 12


After your breakfast guide will transfer you to the airport, and help you for board ing the plane. Say goodbye to us and fly out.